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Welcome to Building Brokers WA, your local team of Construction professionals in Perth, with more than 15 years of experience..

We’ve helped hundreds of people escaping the rent trap and finding their dream home. We’ve worked with most builders and know which ones to entrust with your project.

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“We all intend to read up while spending nights on the iPad to filter reviews from ecstatic owners that their builder invested the resources to match the assurances of the sales team. I see this every week and the confusion, endless sales talk and business cards are real.

Business Brokers WA have all those concerns covered. We know that each home passes through over 100 pairs of hands, many businesses (from sub contracting to the big banks). How tenure in the industry, over 400 home keys, and a wealth of knowledge on requirements from the inner suburbs to Lancelin, Northam and Albany define how I support and guide one of the most important projects of your life. Display homes and brochures are poor substitutes for identified knowledge, mastery and genuine engagement.” – SJ

Allow our genuine, professional approach to provide you with the most competitive package for your build, fast to act and flexible to your life, we work towards the best all around experience. For you. With you.

Allow us to organise those Home Keys, start with the ideas you Love.

Why Choose Us

It happens in those moments with Family, lazy Sundays, Friends for coffee and 4K movie nights- and we think deeply about them. We consider details, slower than faster and ask, “Why do you Love those ideas that you want in every room?” Those details begin to settle, bringing together practical and personal design. Options that not all builders can compliment, while some might not say so, we do, because we can. Demonstrated results from the team at Building Brokers WA, partnering only with those we trust.

Because once the home keys find a place to rest, the liveability that we defined together, that started with considerations for the years ahead, that evolved- sometimes before the ink dried will frame those sunny days through the windows we knew were perfect for each room.

Those ideas you Love generally support Family, work, study and social connection as the world around us offers and through it you have our guidance, knowing the state of play today, flexible while setting the milestones clearly for your home build and best intended goals.

What you see is
⠀what you get

High ceilings, natural light or THAT free standing bath? Be Excited, we want to talk about it!

Connect today, Talk Today. Don’t wait for display home openings, brochures and business cards.

Researching 20 builders is Exhausting, we guide you past the Marketing, advisors from design, through construction to being handed those house keys.

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⠀best Builders

Our motto is confidence in your builder. At Building Brokers WA, we’ve worked with the most builders and have identified who to use, for which project, to provide our clients with Peace of Mind about Quality, Timeframe, Competitive Pricing and Communication.

We made a special commitment to serving our clients guiding them from start to finish, until we hand them the keys to their new home. 

Connect today, Talk Today. Don’t wait for display home openings, brochures and business cards.

Customer Satisfaction
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“I just wanted a good kitchen and lots of natural light, but when we met to view the house plan I was so excited about all the recommendations made, its now so much more ..”

First home Nerves to 4th home wisdom. Making it easy for Singles, Couples and Families to get their best Home. We’ve designed homes throughout WA. With happy customers from Albany to Lancelin, from the Inner city ‘burbs to Toodyay.

We’ve handed over 400 home keys to happy new home owners and are proud to help them escaping the rent trap. Check our testimonials, they speak for themselves.